Speed is of vital importance when the service requests are put in and the spare parts are ordered. The technical customer service department can be best via e-mail: matador@chinamatador.com. To prevent incorrect technical instructions, errors in the specification, erroneous project numbers, or other errors, cause confusion and cost time. When you fill out a service request table or note the following details in an email, your request can be best handled.

Customer name

The position of the feed plant

Contact the customer's details, including email addresses and phone numbers

Installed data, such as the item number, machine model and sequence number on the machine model.

If the parts are required: the part number - found in the manual and the list of parts, it is transferred through installation and quantity.

If you have any other requirements, please provide a clear explanation.

Please provide pictures to support your request.

Maintenance service and spare parts

Verification Code

Service request form

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Service commitment

Twenty-four hour response service

Our goal is to ensure a long-term and reliable after-sales service.

Matador defines the area of small maintenance and large-scale maintenance to ensure that all the equipment is running in an environmentally sound state.

If you have any after sale questions, please contact us, including:

Sales of spare parts and vulnerable parts.

Technical assistance - remote (via telephone, remote access or e-mail) or location

Complaint handling

For all the other after-sale problems, the technical excellent service team contact. They are ready to help you at any time.

1.Your goal is our goal

Your feed factory or premix factory is built to make it run, be efficient, and make profit. Your goal of success is the goal of our action. Regular services, reliable services, quick response services, quick supply of spare parts, these are the key points, which can control costs, reduce downtime and increase profits. Therefore, the performance of the whole project is optimized.

Twenty-four hour response service

Before submitting a service request, the actual situation should be accurately mastered.

Each service application is recorded on the same day.

You will receive an acknowledgement email with the only application service number. We'll mention this number in all the mail and ask you to do the same.

The quotation is required to be dealt with within 5 working days.

The order is handled within 2 working days.

Other applications will be completed in an emergency.

How do we handle your service request