It is widely used in the drying and maturation of feed and food products. The products adopt advanced technology: clean and hygienic, flexible drying, and good drying quality.


1, adopt swing cloth material, fabric uniformity, water uniformity is good;
2, the use of polymer mesh or stainless steel mesh, punch board, non-stick, clean and hygienic
3, a unique wind channel system, built-in circular air duct, can adjust the direction of air flow as needed, so as to control the flow of air flow between materials;
4, in and out of the air between different drying sections, easy to adjust the temperature and humidity of the air flow, control the drying process speed, drying material quality is good, the degree of aging is high;
5, adopt modular design, the length direction can be modular assembly, easy to form a different drying section, the mesh or sieve layer is 2 floors, 3 floors or more can provide width 1.8, 2.4 meters choice according to user requirements;
6, drying, cooling can be combined in one; Adjustable drying time;
7, built-in cleaning Dragon, can clean powder and debris; The bottom cleaning device of the proprietary technology can clean the powder that falls into the bottom;