The Extruder is widely used in feed processing to produce puffed soybean, corn, soybean meal, rice bran and other raw materials. It can also be used in the processing of puffed foods and the pretreatment of beans in the oil industry.


After the feed raw material is puffed up, the aroma increases and the palatability increases, which can stimulate animal appetite. At the same time, the degree to which long chain structures such as proteins and fats are transformed into short-chained structures increases, making them more digestible. Since the protein is bound to the starch Matrix, it is not easy to lose when feeding. Proteins are released only when the digestive enzymes in the animal break down the starch, increasing the potency of the protein. The expansion process also denatures proteins, passivation of many anti-nutrient factors, and changes the tertiary structure of proteins, shortening the hydrolysis of proteins in the intestine.


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