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Plus Filter



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The round plus filter PF/R and the square plus filter PF/S are dependable aspiration filters used for the efficient filtration of dust-laden air, e.g. in grain storage elevators (silos), scales, conveying systems, airlocks and manual intake hoppers.

Plsu filter is made of  a mild steel or stainless steel version and can be employed in the food processing and feed production industries as well as in many other industrial fields. 

1.The best possible operating safety.

2.High-quality materials such as stainless steel, pressure shock-resistant design and a variety of indicator elements ensure risk-free operation.

3.In the special ATEX version, ATEX conformity applies to the filter as a whole. Comprehensive explosion protection provides maximum safety. 

4.High purging power – clean filters.

5.The advantageous design of the filter housing allows for practical handling and makes filter changes easier.

6.A highly effective electronic-pneumatic purging system guarantees effective cleaning of the filter bags (sleeves).

7.A variety of filters for ideal utilization of space.
8.The possibility of choosing from among many different filter types allows available space to be utilized efficiently.