Key factors of success

To determine the best solution, it is important to take all the related parameters into consideration, which is essential to the success of the feed plant or the premixed plant, and to maximize the performance of the overall plant, process and machine.

1.Total cost of a feed plant

The purchase cost of the machine is only half of the actual cost. Operating costs determine the actual investment of the factory.

The experts have collected valuable data. They help you determine the total cost and calculate the extra operating cost of the reimbursement machine. For example, when you calculate the cost of granulating, you should take into account the cost factors such as ring die, roller and so on.

2. The safety of feed

 Feed safety and quality are the key issues for all companies to control feed quality. Once they lose control, they will have serious consequences. A systematic approach is needed to reduce risks and improve quality. The principle of control can be divided into 3 categories:
1. Prevention of pollution
1.1 prevent contamination from the feed plant
1.2 to prevent the pollution in the feed plant.
1.3 preventing pollution also includes controlling dust and keeping the best indoor environment.
2. The procedure for killing pathogens. The killing of pathogens such as Salmonella needs heat treatment.
3. reduce the efforts of microorganism propagation in plants; discover microbial growth niche and reduce the conditions leading to growth.

 3.Energy efficiency 

In the face of rising energy prices, shortage of resources and stricter emission targets under the law, the compound feed industry is facing the challenge of limiting energy consumption. In feed plants, granulation and comminution consume most energy. Optimizing these processes has a direct impact on energy consumption.

 4.Environmental protection

The impact on the environment and pollution in the process of feed production is another important condition for the success of the feed plant, and the key to solve the problem of dust pollution, noise pollution and chemical pollution is also the solution.